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INTENSIVE CAMP- winter, mid-winter, spring, and summer (Levels 5-10)

Advanced Camp

(Level 4 by invitation only)

  • Help gymnasts prepare for the competition season

  • Intensive training with head coach Lyudmila Polivanova and guest coaches for:

  • Improving flexibility and learning new body skills

    • Flexibility

      • One of the main components of rhythmic gymnastics

      • Necessary in order to excel in the sport

  • Stretching

    • Proper technique will be taught

  • Master proper placement on body technique

  • Helps correct body skills- turns, leaps, and balances

    • Perfects arm, core and leg positions

      • Aids in correcting execution of body skills

      • Use of all muscle groups is needed for proper execution

  • Strengthening and conditioning

    • Taught daily to strengthen and develop correct muscle use and perfect body skills

  • Ballet

    • Important for gymnasts just as for dancers

***Please bring leotard, lunch, and a water bottle

***Camp hours:  full-day 9am-4pm /  half-day 9am-noon or 1pm- 4pm with extended hours before and after, available to La Luna gymnasts

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