SUMMER CAMP FOR BEGINNERS - June 22 - August 14, 2020.

La Luna RGA offers recreational winter, mid-winter, spring, and summer camps.  Each camp is filled with fun and learning.  It is a great introduction to rhythmic gymnastics.  Children are encouraged to be creative and to express themselves through the sport.  The program overview includes:


  • Learning the basic skills and basic handling of the apparatus

  • Learning artistic movements while using costumes and props

  • Making up routines performed with music and apparatus

  • Performing for parents and guests at the end of the week shows (every Friday)

  • Playing and social skills development


Our camp groups children according to age in order to best serve their interests.

  • 4 and 5 year olds

    • Learn through interactive play and games using toys and props

    • Given more time to socialize and meet new friends

  • 6 to 10 year olds

    • Encouraged to share their own ideas to create routines and work as a team

    • More structured learning

    • May be taught more challenging skills depending on their ability



  • Schedule

    • Morning

      • Warm up and stretching

      • Break time

      • Basic rhythmic gymnastics

    • Afternoon

      • Lunch 

      • Introduction to ballet and apparatus workshop

      • Breaktime

      • Creative dance and theatrical movements (including costume play)

***Thursday- children make art work, create and write their own ideas about rhythmic  gymnastics

*** Friday- pizza and party day; stage presentation for the parents at 4pm for the children to show what they have learned

  • Two snacks are provided by the academy

  • Please bring leotard, lunch, and a water bottle

  • Camp hours:  9am-4pm with extended hours available from 8am-9am and 4pm-5:30pm

How to Register:  Purchase the packages and extended care through the following link and fill the registration form send it by email to



Add the package to cart and enter the weeks # you want to register in the box "Please Secify The Weeks Here:". (Note, only the week # is need. eg. if you want week 6/22-6/26 and 7/2-7/10, just put 1,3 in the box. For extented care, edit the number of days or weeks you like after you added in the cart. )

Week #: 1 (6/22-6-26),  2 (6/29-7/3), 3 (7/6-7/10), 4 (7/13-7-17), 5 (7/20-7/24), 6 (7/27-7/31), 7 (8/3-8/7), 8 (8/10-8/14)


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