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1. MAKE SURE your child has her competition leotard on with her hair done in a perfect bun prior to arrival at the meet.

2. La Luna warm up suit MUST BE worn over the competition leotard upon arrival. 

3. Please do not arrive and try to dress up at the gym. 

Gym bag:

1. All your child's belongings must be in a back pack and the back pack should be worn by your child over her shoulders and kept with her the whole time until further instruction by the coach.

2. The back pack should contain her gymnastics shoes, gymnastics apparatus, hair accessories, water, and snacks.

Arriving at the gym:

1. Parents should bring their child to the warm up area and leave at once, be seated, and wait for the meet to start.

2. When your child sees her coach, she should leave her back pack on the floor with the others and warm up at the exact time with her teammates. 

3. After your child is left with the coach, parents are no longer allowed to make contact with their child nor coach their child from the side. 

4. Parents are not allowed to enter the warm up area by the USAG rules and policies. Meet director, parents, gymnasts and coaches are required to strictly follow the rules.
5. Parents, please note, the first couple meets of the season especially for the first time competitors are great opportunities for all to practice and learn how to follow your coaches' directions.

Arriving in time for warm-up:

1. Most of the time, the allotted warm up time is limited especially for those level 2/3/4 gymnasts.  These gymnasts usually start very early in the morning and if the meet starts at 7:30am, your child may only have 30 min for warm up.  For this reason, parents should follow the exact time of arrival given by the coach. 

2. FIXING HAIR, LEOTARDS, or TALKING WITH YOUR CHILD is not allowed during warm up time.

3. La Luna RGA's requirements and also the meet rules such as: arriving on time, having a perfect hair bun and appropriate dress code as pointed, and following all the directions correctly are very important for your child to succeed and perform her best.

4. Please remember that once you are late or still fixing your child's hair during the warm up time, you are disturbing your child's warm up and her preparation with her coach for the meet.

5. Your child should learn how to manage by herself and also learn how to cooperate with her coaches during the meet.

Cheering for your child and the Academy:

The Academy requires La Luna Parents to sit together during the meet and cheer for the gymnasts.  Cheering is part of the process to help your child during her meet.


1. Parents should learn to be patient and understand that improvement takes time and needs to be built on top of the basic preparation of gymnastics and ballet.  This needs consistent work and commitment to the yearly schedule.

2. At the beginning of the season, all choreography are newly learned by your child and into the season, with hard work and commitment, they become well-prepared. 
3. Please help follow the meet rules, arrive on time, cheer strongly during the meet and give positive feed back to your child after the meet. 

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