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Our competitive program is by invitation only and is under the direction of head coach Lyudmila Polivanova.  It is an intensive program that requires discipline and commitment.   The program trains Level 3 to Level 10 gymnasts and group gymnastics.  The La Luna coaching staff determines placement and subsequent advancement from one level to another.  Our team competes in local, state, regional, national, and international meets.
How to register online:
Please click the following "Add to Cart" button to pay the $150 annual registration fee, and download the registration form here. Fill the form and email to 

Levels 3 and 4

  • Start to gain the benefit of good posture from the sport

  • Learn to incorporate ballet technique to add elegance and precision of movement

  • Master skills and routines which further build confidence

  • Gain poise, discipline, good work ethic, time management skills, and increased concentration

  • Develop patience, good sportsmanship,  the ability  to accept constructive criticism and to                             overcome adversity

Levels 3 through 6​

  • Main focus on the basics, initially with the body elements and then with the apparatus

  • Development of proper body posture and equal use of both sides of the body and extremities

  • A solid foundation, mastery of technique, and maintenance of physical health are required for                 successful progression to levels 7-8


Levels 7 and up

  • Requires mastery of skills learned from levels 3 through 6

  • Preparation towards the Elite level


Our competitive summer camps have brought in U.S. and international coaches, ballet instructors and former rhythmic gymnastics champions from Canada, Bulgaria, Russia, France, Cuba, Mexico, and Japan.  Please click to register.

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