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"The private sessions worked out perfectly for Rain. She loved it and  believes she could get good at rhythmic gymnastics if she trained, but they have no resources in Taiwan. She wished she had started at age 2!!!  I sincerely enjoyed my hours watching all of the lessons.  You have so many reasons to be proud of the program that you are providing to the community!  I especially appreciate that you took time to say good bye to her after her lesson. Your compliments regarding her skills meant the world to her.  My best wishes to you all at La Luna."

- Joann M.



"Arzu, you have been an amazing host.  I am literally speechless.  I love the warmth and the love you have extended to us and our girls.  We really feel like a part of the La Luna RG family.  Your husband is so special.  He is charming and just as gracious as you.  I speak for myself and Olga that this camp far exceeded our expectations.  Jenna and Margaret from Day 1 could not stop talking about Coach Lyudmila.  She is a definite gem!  You have instilled a great moral sportsmanship in your La Luna girls ..... they follow by example from a great coach and more importantly a beautiful person like you.  We LOVE everything about the camp.
Some of the highlights that the girls had mentioned:
-right amount of girls
-Lyudmila showed the girls what to do (hands on approach)
-genuine love in what Lyudmila does; she has a special way in coaching
-great conditioning exercises
-corrections were good, showed the girls the proper technique
-fantastic training technique; worked on all apparatuses
-engaging and funny even if she doesn't speak too much english
-strict but in an encouraging way

- Jenny (visiting Canadian parent)


"Dear Coach Arzu and Adrian, thank you very much for your kind words. All of us loved the show.  Thank you very much for all the hard work that you'll put into the making of such a spectacular show. It was mesmerizing. It was so beautiful to see all the kids perform so meticulously. They all looked awesome in their costumes and each brought their own wonderful aura to the show. Each one was perfect. Their costumes were wonderful and the choreographies excellent. All the hard work that each one of you put together as a group paid off so well. Thank you once again for putting up such an awesome performance. It was delightful."

- Ena and Abdul (Alina's parents)



"Arzu, first of all, congratulations to a successful performance yesterday. It was both enjoyable for us parents and friends and also a fantastic experience for Layla. Thank you so much for all the quality work the coaches and volunteers put in. We brought a family friend with a six-year old girl. This  performance was an eye opener for her and convinced her to start learning rhythmic gymnastics.  Thanks."

- Lan (Layla's parent)



"Thank you so much Arzu! The show was great like always - so much hard work and creativity! I admire you guys! I'm hope to finish with photos by Friday. Thanks."  

- Natasha (La Luna photographer)



"Hi Arzu.  Yesterday's show was great! I really enjoy it. Thank you for putting them together. Thanks,

- Ying (Lily's mom)



"Hi Arzu, how are you? Thank for yesterday's show, it was great!"  

- Alsu (Deanna's mom)



"Arzu, I learned a lot during this process and it was a pleasure to work with all of this talented people around.  Excited to see that everyone had a great time. You did an amazing job.  I already have some ideas for next year show.  Talk to you soon."

- Marcelo (Mia's dad)



"Thank you Arzu for your hard work and mostly for the dedication you have for all girls.  I very much know you put your heart and your soul into everything you do.  We very much look forward for the summer and another great year!  Thanks,"  

-Jane (Rebekha's mom)

"Hi Arzu. Emir and I want to let you know that your performances just keep getting better year after year.  Congratulations to you, Adrian and all that have made it possible!"

- Maria and Emir (Casandra and Carmen's parents)



"Dear Arzu, thank you so much for this amazing experience."

- Rita (Isabella and Deanna's mom)



"Thank you Arzu and Adrian for your hard work. I can just imagine how hard to manage all of these events and take care of the Academy! But it's always  ends up with a wonderful show and everyone happy in our big gymnastics family!!!" 

Natalya (Nicole's mom)

"Dear Arzu: Congratulations to all the performances!  Thank you for a wonderful evening of art."






"Dear Arzu, Shawnene, Ludmila, Natalia, Adrian, Samira and volunteer parents, we want to say thank you very much for the great show! Everything: dances, costumes, music, lights, video were fantastic! Girls were beautiful and gracious. You spent your personal time, energy, creativity and imagination for creating this great show. And as the result- the show is unforgettable for girls and for us. Thank all of you and each other! It was beautiful end of the season."
Elena and Igor


"Thank you for the amazing show tonight. 
Thank you for another amazing year. 
Thank you for giving our family the opportunity to be part of La Luna family. 
Thank you for your very hard work. 
Please relay our thanks to Adrian too. 
The Mitros looking forward to another great year spending together. Let's all have a amazing summer. 
Have a lovely night "

- The Mitros (Glika's family)

"Arzu and Adrian you both did an incredible job. The show blew everyone away. Thanks."

- Heather

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