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Recreational Camp: Dates and Registration

We are excited to have you join us!  To make sure your child gets registered, please follow these simple steps:

1.  Please click here to download and print the registration form. 

2.  Choose the camp week/s you prefer. 

3.  You can pay via:


- select camp below

- for summer camp add to cart, on the next page (PayPal) click on continue shopping to add extended hours and then select quantity before checkout

- once payment is completed, please send an email to with your child's information- name, age, and camp date/s


- please write your child's name, age, and camp date/s on the left lower corner of your check and send this to the gym, BEFORE the camp week/s of your choice.

3.  Once we receive both child's information and payment, your child will be officially placed on the roster for the camp week/s of your choice.

4.  COMPLETED AND SIGNED REGISTRATION FORM MUST be brought to the gym PRIOR TO OR ON THE FIRST DAY of camp before your child is allowed to participate.

5.  For Parents' Night Out, please print your receipt and present upon arrival.

La Luna Camp Dates

  • Veteran's Day Camp -  November 12, 2018 (group gymnasts only)

  • Winter Camp

            December 26 - 28, 2018 

  • Mid-Winter Camp

            February 14, 15 and 18, 2019 

  • Spring Camp

            April 8-12, 2019 

  • Summer Camp Weeks for Beginners and Friday Show themes (show runs from 4-4:30pm, parents are welcome!)

   FULL June 24 - 28                        "Princess of the River"

   FULL July 1 - 5 (no class 4th)      "Pink Ladies"

              July 8 - 12                            "Dance of the Wild Valley"

              July 15 - 19                          "River Dance"

              July 22 - 26                          "Fairy Tale Lyrics"

              July 29 - August 2               "Star Bucks"

   FULL August 5 - 9                         "Can You Dance Like Me"

              August 12 - 16                     "Mushrooms and the Forest"

              August 19 - 23                     "Zarsuela"

La Luna Kid’s Movie Night/Parent’s Night Out

• Last Saturday of every month 6pm-10pm

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