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2021 Rhythmic Elite Qualifier 

Congratulations to Anhui, Deanna, Katrine made to Elite National's, USA Gymnastics Championships, June 21-27,2021!

2021 USA Rhythmic Jr. Level 9 Classic & R T Championships

CONGRATULATIONS to our gymnasts who qualified and are advancing to *LEVEL 10!

- Deanna Georgieva

- Anhui Ang

- Katrine Sakhnov

- Taya Kim

CONGRATULATIONS to our gymnasts who qualified for *NATIONALS:

- Layla Kaim

- Irene Tseng

- Nicole Makarenko

CONGRATULATIONS and great job to Sofiya Startsev and Natalie Zhang!

2021 Senior L9 Classic Championships

Congratulations to Anna Bragiskaya: 1st place on hoop, 5th place on ball and 3rd AA, made to National's, USA Gymnastics Championships, June 21-27,2021!

2021 USA Regional II Championships

CONGRATULATIONS to our gymnasts who competed at 2021 Reginal II Championships!

Congratulations to our Level 10 JR!

DEANNA GEORGIEVA, 1st place AA level 10 (JR)

Congratulations to our Level 9!

Sofiya Startsev, Level 9, 2009 Hope category 1st AA

Natalie Zhang, Level 9

Congratulations to our Level 9 SR,

ANNA BRAGINSKAYA:, 2nd place AA level 9 (SR)

Congratulations to our Level 9 JR's:

LAYLA KAIM, 2nd place AA level 9 (JR)

NICOLE MAKARENKO, 3nd place AA level 9 (JR)

Congratulations to our Level 8! All made the Region 2 team!

ALISA Pozdnyakova, 1st place AA level 8

MIA Pomato, 2nd place AA level 8

KEILA Kruler, 3rd place AA level 8

MARIA Kratovich, 4th place AA level 8, 3rd place age group

REBEKHA Vinokurov, 6th place AA level 8

EMILY Zhang, 7th place AA level 8

KAELYN Hersey level 8

Congratulations to our Level 7!

AA Regardless of age results:

ANNA Ionitsa, 1st place AA level 7

SOPHIA Kang, 2nd place AA

Grace Rong, 4th place AA

Jiayang Cai, 5th place AA

Congratulations to our level 6 competitor!

ALEKSANDRA Zvorygina, 1st place AA level 6, regardless of age

Congratulations to our Level 4/5 gymnasts!

Level 5: Anastasia Kim (4th AA), Isabella Ruzhin, Sonya Zhang, Catherine Zhang, Emily Huang, Maybelle Ding

Level 4: Selina (5th AA), Arina (7th AA), Yichen, Angela, Sophia, Celia and Boya.

Thank you also to our Level 4 first-time presenters: Alexis, Alisa, Amy, Anita, Karina, Marianna & Tamara.

Selection To National Prep Group

Our gymnasts Isabella Ivanova-L10 and Katrine Sakhnov-L10 have been selected by USA Gymnastics to begin training as the "National Prep" Group starting January 2021. We Congratulate the gymnasts & their parents! Thank you Coach Lyudmila and Coach Arzu! Thank you gymnasts for your hard work!!

USA Rhythmic Level 9/10 Jr online Invitational

Congratulations to our Level 9 Jr's Anhui Ang,  Deanna Georgieva, Irene Tseng, Katrine Sakhnov,  Layla Kaim, Natalie Zhang, and Nicole Makarenko!

- Deanna Georgieva, 1st AA age group

- Katrine Sakhnov, 2nd AA age group

- Layla Kaim, 3rd AA age group

- Anhui Ang, 4th AA age group

- Nicole Makarenko, 4th AA age group

2019 USA National Championship

Isabella Ivanova - 2019 L10 Jr National Champion on ribbon - 1st place


2019 Region 2 Championships


"ATHLETE of the YEAR" Gymnasts:

Katrine Sakhnov - Level 8

Anhui Ang - Level 7

Mia Pomato - Level 6

Anna Ionitsa - Level 5


REGION 2 Champions:

Katrine Sakhnov - L8

Glika Mitro - L8

Anhui Ang - Level 7

Mia Pomato - Level 6

Anna Ionitsa - Level 5

Region 2 JUNIOR OLYMPIC TEAM Gymnasts:

Level 8: Katrine Sakhnov, Deanna Georgieva, Sofiya Monastyrska, Jas Yu, Glika Mitro

Level 7: Anhui Ang, Layla Kaim, Madison Wu, Alexis Sevigny, Emma Potra, Irene Tseng

Level 6: Mia Pomato, Rebekha Vinokurov, Casandra Reyes


Region 2 Championship TOP 3 All Around Gymnasts:

Level 9: Isabella Ivanova, Nicole Babadzhanova

Level 8: Katrine Sakhnov, Deanna Georgieva, Sofiya Monastyrska, Jas Yu, Glika Mitro

Level 7: Madison Wu, Alexis Sevigny

Level 6: Mia Pomato, Rebekha Vinokurov

Level 5: Anna Ionitsa, Jiayang Sunny Cai, Sophia Kang


Highest La Luna Score:

Isabella Ivanova - 51.050

Group Gymnasts

1st Place on Floor: Audrey, Sonya, Emily, Catherine

1st Place on Hoop: Cathy, Rina, Isabelle, Elaina

Higher Score from La Luna on Hoop 2nd on dio: Anne, Amara, Mika 


2019 Region II Championship Medals received! 






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"I just wanted to say that my daughter Ayani LOVED summer camp!   She never once complained or said she didn’t want to go, even at the end of the week when it was hot, even when I had to wake her up early, and she was very sad it was over and said “Mom, I want to practice gymnastics for 1,000 hours!” 

"We wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful camp experience for our girls (Arianna, Lauren, Estella, Helen, Rachael, and Emily).  They really enjoyed working with your coach Lyudmila and it was a wonderful experience for our girls!  Please tell Lyudmila a BIG thank you and the girls really appreciate her so much!!!  The camp was amazing and please let us know any future camps you plan to host for outside guests."

"Thank you Arzu for your hard work and mostly for the dedication you have for all girls.  I very much know you put your heart and your soul into everything you do.  We very much look forward for the summer and another great year!"  

- Anah S.

- Shari K., Leesa M., Emily B., Vicki C., and Lisa H.

- Jane V.