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Celebrate your child’s special day by bringing her friends together to share in the joy of rhythmic gymnastics. Parties can be conveniently scheduled for weekends, when your daughter’s favorite coaches are available to lead a workshop for all of your guests. Please contact us directly to schedule a fun and memorable day to celebrate her birthday!


During the party, your guests will participate in games and exercises introducing them to the beauty of rhythmic gymnastics.  They can also enjoy the fun of creative dancing and dress up play. After the gymnastics part you will have private use of our studio where you can serve cake and snacks to your guests.  Please provide all paperware and please clean up at the end.  We will provide tables and chairs for all and our state of the art facility will be at your disposal for the two hours you are there.  


Call us today to book a memorable party with us!  To download, print, and fill party release form, please click here.

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